Care Instructions

My work reflects my love for textiles, especially silks. My intention is to bring dynamic beauty, artfulness and functionality to simple designs. I explore the interplay and relationship of colors, textures, shapes, and the feminine form in each one-of-a-kind garments. Silk is my canvas. I gather fine white silk from around the world, including silk cloques, jacquards, dupionis, devores, and crepe de chines. The silk is stretched over large frames to create the canvas. I hand-draw, hand cut, and hand-dye the silk, utilizing numerous brushes in a similar manner as watercolor technique on paper. I often layer colors and strokes to produce new shades and rich depth. Using a steam chamber, I set the dyes which renders the silk 100% colorfast. The silk is then hand washed and ironed prior to being cut and sewn. Often I will mix the dyed silks to create a multi-textured, lush and sophisticated work.

It is my hope that each person wearing my pieces will experience the joy of this process.


All silk pieces are one of a kind, pre-washed, 100% colorfast, hand washable and iron safe.
Washing: Hand-wash by submerging in tepid water with mild soap, wash gently, rinse immediately, roll in a towel, then hang dry. Iron if necessary. If you wish and you have a reputable dry cleaner, all pieces may be dry cleaned.


Wearing Options: