Artist's Statement

My inspiration is to bring beauty, artfulness and functionality to simple yet dynamic designs.

Silk is my canvas. Utilizing a technique similar to water-color, I hand-dye and detail an array of unusual silks, exploring the interplay of color, texture and shape.

Each one-of-a-kind garment and accessory is hand-cut and built to enhance and honor the relationship of this canvas and the feminine form.

I explore the interplay and relationship of colors, textures and shapes in each one-of-a-kind reversible garment. I gather fine silk from around the world, including silk cloques, jacquards, dupionis, cut silk velvets, and crepe de chines. The silk is stretched over large frames to create the canvas. I hand-draw and hand-dye the silk with French silk dyes, utilizing numerous brushes in a similar manner as watercolor technique on paper. I often layer colors and strokes to produce new shades and rich depth. Using a steam chamber, I set the dyes which renders the silk colorfast. The silk is then hand washed and ironed prior to being cut and sewn. Often I will mix the dyed fabrics (raw silk, jacquards, cut velvets) to create a multi-textured, lush and sophisticated work.

It is my hope that each person wearing my pieces will experience the joy of this process.

Heather Laurie
Denver, Colorado


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