3/4 Jackets

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Each one of a kind 3/4 Jacket is hand-cut, hand-dyed in interesting weaves of silk. Great piece to add to you wardrobe! You will be ready for every occasion wearing it over what you already have. Add a scarf to dress it  up  as well as wear it by itself.

$245 - $325

34J950 small                             $245   34J952 medium                        $245                                 SOLD
with scarf as shown:                  $325 with scarf as shown:                 $325                                 SOLD
34J953 medium                     $245   34J955 medium                        $245
with scarf as shown:               $325  
34JLa951 small, with Lapels      $295                                SOLD   34JLa954 large, with Lapels        $295
34JLa956 large, with Lapels          $295   34JLa957 large, with Lapels         $325                              SOLD